The 4 parenting styles are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful. One character from pop culture is Maya from the new show┬áis Modern Family. Cam appears to be a permissive parent. He is highly responsive to his daughter, but does not appear to put a lot of demands on her. Throughout the series he shown reacting to what his daughter does, but without discipline. One example is when she locks her parents’ out of he bedroom in defiance. She refused to listen while Cam attempted to negotiate and reason with her.

He has showed periods of time where he did not say no, and had overall less control of his daughter’s actions. One example was when she was flipping switches and his hand was stuck in the garbage disposal. Instead of saying no, he attempted induction, but did his main goal was redirection. He wanted to change his daughter’s behavior through positive means.

His daughter tends to be sharp tongued and prone to anger/out bursts at frustrating events. A couple of examples of this are her outburst at her parents’ embarrassing dancing and when she got into a verbal fight with one of their friends. She was manipulative and attempted to prevent her parents from embarrassing her. She never was never officially disciplined.

Cam is nurturing by being cognizant of his daughter’s feelings and trying to maintain a positive environment, but has not shown strong discipline or expectations throughout the series. Often his daughter is doing what she wants to do without any real guidelines from Cam, but he has always shown her attention and tried to involve her in events. Throughout the series he is concerned about her well being, participates in her activities, and generally attempts to keep a happy relationship with his daughter.


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