In regards to the mindfulness activity, this is something I do nightly before bed. I lay in the dead mans pose on my bed and close my eyes, just concentrating on my breathing. I find it helpful for falling asleep. It helps me to empty my thoughts and to relax, and since doing this my sleep patterns have improved (according to my fitbit). I rarely wake during the night and my restlessness has dramatically reduced. This could be helpful for clients that have mental illness, especially those with racing thoughts and anxiety. learning basic yoga and breathing techniques are beneficial for coping with stress, and I think spending time working with an individual to at least attempt this will have positive results on their mental health. Restful sleep is important for maintaining physical and mental health.

2 things that I will be taking away from this class are the parenting styles and how kids develop. This will be helpful when we start the foster care classes in 2017 and begin to foster a child in the attempts to adopt. It’s helped me adjust the way I think parents should behave and given me new tools to approach parenting.

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